Conditions Helped with Holistic Nutrition

Our Toronto holistic health services are custom-tailored for your specific health needs. We offer both in person and phone/Skype services to help you improve your health and get back in your best shape as well as nutrition and lifestyle caoching to empower and support cancer patients in their healing journey. 
Our unique science-based holistic formula is rooted in a strong medical background and works to address the root cause(s) of your health issues thus allowing you to safely and naturally achieve your health goals and experience real health and well-being.

Special Holistic Nutrition Programs 

Health Conditions that can be Helped with Holistic Nutrition

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About HealthyUTurn

Maha Nasr, MD (Egy), PhD, RHN, CPCC
Maha Nasr-founder & owner of Healthy U Turn-is a Toronto Registered Holistic Nutritionist  and weight loss consultant with a medical background. She empowers women struggling with resistant weight loss and other chronic health issues to transform their health naturally without deprivation or struggle.

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