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Holistic Nutrition Counselling 

Are YOU experiencing some form of chronic health issue?

Do you feel unhappy about what's going on with your health right now?

Do you feel stuck and need help in order to regain your health?

Do YOU want to feel good again about yourself, your relationships and your life?

You are not meant to stay sick!

Let's help you make the necessary changes to transform your health and bring more joy and happiness into your life.

Initial Assessment

This is ideal if you want to gain clarity about your health challenges and needs and to decide if any of our longer packages is a good fit for you.

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Nutri-Essentials Package

This package is ideal if you want to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and don't know where to start, considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, are feeling confused by the health information you get from the media, want to know what are the best foods for your age, sex and lifestyle, have minor health issues such as anemia or iron deficiency and looking for a short term plan to restore your vitality.

You will gain clarity about your nutritional needs and get a personalized nutrition plan designed just for you by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr to meet your health goals and lifestyle.

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Nutri-Balance Package

The Nutri-Balance package will help you to support your adrenals and bring your hormones into balance  and allow you to sail smoothly through peri-menopause and menopause and protect yourself from serious health consequences of hormonal imbalance such as bone loss, cysts and hormone-related cancers.

This is ideal if you are struggling with: Chronic fatigue,  stress-related adrenal fatigue or exhaustion, Blood sugar issues such as frequent sweet cravings or hypoglycemia, poor sleep, low energy levels, mood swings, Premenopausal or menopausal symptoms such as breast cysts , menstrual irregularities, hot flashes, night sweats, unexplained weight gain, bone loss or low bone density (osteoporosis), Female hormonal imblance such as Fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts (poly-cystic Ovarian syndrome PCOS), and fibroids, PMS symptoms (such as menstrual cramps, swollen tender breasts, bloating, migraine, irritability),

You can expect to experience higher energy levels, happier mood, better sleep and increased ability to handle stress.

Learn more about the "Nutri-Balance" Package here

Nutri-Wellness Package

This package will help you to calm down inflammation, heal your gut and identify the foods which trigger your symptoms using a 5 sep proven system that gets to the root cause of the problem.

It is specifically designed for those who are struggling with digestive health issues such as IBS, gastritis, colitis, constipation, gas and bloating as well as food allergies or intolerances, Fatty liver or gall bladder issues, chronic fatigue, joint pains, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, headaches, migraines, asthma, sinus issues or skin problems.

By the end of this package, you will be able to discover the ideal diet that works for your body to maintain long-lasting vibrant health.

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What Happy Clents are saying

Maha is an excellent nutritionist … very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate 

"I first contacted Maha shortly after I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. She was extremely knowledgeable of my condition and couldn't have been more helpful. Maha educated me about my disease (IBD and formulated a specific wellness plan for my needs. My symptoms began to improve almost immediately! My experience in working with Maha has been extremely positive. She is an excellent nutritionist … very professional, knowledgable and compassionate. I highly recommend her services." Ron R., Toronto 
I experienced an impressive improvement in my health and I am so happy with the results
"Before I saw Maha, I was struggling with peptic ulcer, a hypersensitive stomach and poor digestion. I was also overweight and on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. I was feeling tired all the time and was very disappointed about my aches, pains and overweight. After following Maha’s personalized nutrition program for only 6-8 weeks, I experienced an impressive improvement in my health and I am so happy with the results. I am not feeling tired anymore, my aches and pains are gone and my digestion is much better. Ihave also lost a few pounds and to my surprise my blood pressure and blood sugar have gone down to healthy levels. I am so thrilled with this great achievement and encouraged to continue on the program. I highly recommend Maha Nasr and her effective holistic nutrition approach which has proven to be very helpful for me." Araceli Lopez, Mexico
 She made what seemed to be an impossibly difficult turn around easy, organic, effortless and appealing
"I was struggling with out-of-control sugar cravings, and very bad eating habits. These habits caused me constant nausea and digestive disturbances, as well as brain fog. I felt angry with myself at not being able to better take care of my health and dietary choices. It affected my self-esteem, and I did not like the way my body was beginning to look. After following Maha’s program, I started noticing improvements immediately. I was surprised by how well I could feel, and also by how easy and natural the transformation was. The more my symptoms lifted, the more I enjoyed choosing healthier food options. I was also incredibly helped by Maha's constant availability and support, if I needed it. 
Today I am thrilled with my changed eating habits. I feel good about what I put into my body. I have more energy than I have ever felt before. I just feel good. I don't have dips, ups and downs from sugar crashes and highs, and my digestion is much better. It has been a change in my life physically, emotionally, spiritually...the changes Maha helped me to make have effected me on a deep level that I cannot even begin to explain.
I would strongly recommend Maha to anyone who is struggling with any medical issue, or who simply wishes to return to a state of healthier, whole food living. Maha is intuitive, and brilliant at what she does. She made what seemed to be an impossibly difficult turn around easy, organic, effortless and appealing. I cannot recommend Maha enough, for her warmth, generosity, and the amazing results that I know she will make in your life and in your health." Devorah F.,Toronto 


The healthy foods led to a healthy mind and therfore a new life
"Dr Maha was very helpful and actually cares for her clients. Even after the session ends, she was always available via email for any issues that I had. The diet she started me on worked wonders on various aspects of my life. First of all with weight loss, it felt so easy and quick with her. Weight is no longer an issue for me after struggling with it for years.

The healthy diet also made me feel rejuvenated and ready for the day; which was completely unlike my previous diet/lifestyle that made me feel sluggish after every meal.
I will follow all her diet recommendations for life as it has made a tremendously positive impact on my life and I have been recommending it to family and friends too. The healthy foods led to a healthy mind and therefore a new life." Shaheen S., Toronto

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